Calypso and Steel Pan Links

Some of the places I've found on the web advancing Steel Pan and Calypso.
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Dave Martins & the Tradewinds

For my money, today's greatest living Calypsonian. Site has great links to Caribbean music and culture.

Joe Sounds Calypso Oldies

A free station on live 365 by Trini Earlvin Dyer. Great steelband, real Kaiso. I listen all the time and it's always new music.


Steel Pan

Coyle Drums

This is what Kitchener was talking about when he sang "Pan in the 21st Century". Apprenticed to Ellie Mannette, Alan is a master craftsman and understands steel pan physics on a molecular level. He built my main tenor pan. I make a 1,700 mile round-trip drive to Pensacola each year to have him tune my all my pans, and the trip's well worth it.

Ellie Mannette

The father of the modern steel pan. My double seconds are from his shop, they're the Caribbean equivalent of a Stradivarius.

Michael Kernahan

Trini pan builder and tuner in Miami, he tunes my student steelband pans and helps me out when my pans get bumped around and need EMT treatment.

Gill's Pan Shop

Pan building company in Trinidad. I purchased a tenor, then tenor bass and cello sets from them. With fine tuning, these have become excellent instruments.

Tropical Hammer- Tom Reynolds

A native of St. Croix, he now lives and works in Sanford, FL. Tom built the double seconds on the Virtual Steel Drum page. He just worked on my Merlin Gill tenor and made a great bore pan out of it.

Othello Molineaux

A jazz legend. Great links page.


Stuff for Working Musicians

Song Trellis

An astonishing resource for improvising musicians. Midi files of chord changes to hundreds of jazz standards for free download. Links to many classic jazz videos (Bird, Trane, etc.)

Virtual Sheet Music

A huge variety of sheet music arrangements of classical music for download. My version of the Pachelbel Canon in D is based on an arrangement for two violins from this site.




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